Fr. Ken Buddendorff – Serving CLC for 48 Years

Ever since the thirty-day retreat in the novitiate, I
knew my vocation was to be a Jesuit and a priest. The
Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius touched me deeply then
and continues to do so through the years.”
– Ken Buddendorff SJ, on the occasion of his 60 years in the Society in 2008

One of my earliest memories of Ken Buddendorff S.J. was at a CLC National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in 1995 at John Carroll University. Although I had never been to a national CLC gathering, I quickly felt very much at home, in large part due to Fr. Ken. With genuine Southern hospitality, he introduced me to numerous CLC members from across the United States. He apparently had been associated with CLC for years and was well acquainted with the wider CLC family. I felt so welcomed by my new CLC family. It was a memorable introduction to CLC! Continue reading


Hey y’all!

I wanted to introduce the new blog for the Christian Life Communities in the Southern United States. The idea will be that CLC groups will post a little now and then, keeping other CLC groups up on happenings. It’s also a great way for non-CLC’ers to come to know the spirit of CLC.

I’m pretty new at my job as Ecclesial Assistant here in the south, so I should also introduce myself: I’m Fr. John Brown, S.J. and I’ve been a Jesuit since 2000. I was only just ordained in June of 2011, so along with my new assignment at the Jesuit parish, Sacred Heart, in El Paso, Texas, I’ve been asked to serve as the new southern EA.

I’m native to Louisiana, but have had a chance to live in lots of places. One of the things I look forward to as EA will be the opportunities I’ll have to meet folks from all over, committed to my favorite things: Ignatian Spirituality, community and a discerning eye and enthusiasm for a God-given mission.